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.Net Micro Web Frameworks

(Not to be confused with this  .NET Micro Framework Platform SDK ) Lightweight stuff.. so GOes well with Rob Pike’s theme (less is more, simplicity vs complexity etc.) at http://www.stanford.edu/class/ee380/Abstracts/100428-pike-stanford.pdf and http://ee380.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/videologger.php?target=100428-ee380-300.asx This  http://nancyfx.org/  (Nancy is one example of a … Continue reading

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ASP.Net related training and more (today’s reading)

but keep an eye open for ASP.Net Web API –more open/standard, versus WCF ; they refer to pain I have shared re WCF config files, attributes over code, but non-trivial nevertheless MVC3  Asynch mashups (ASP.Net 4 (VS2010) or 4.5 (VS2011 … Continue reading

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