.Net Micro Web Frameworks

(Not to be confused with this  .NET Micro Framework Platform SDK )

Lightweight stuff.. so GOes well with Rob Pike’s theme (less is more, simplicity vs complexity etc.) at




This  http://nancyfx.org/  (Nancy is one example of a .Net Micro Web Framework)




Installing Nancy required latest NuGet Package Manager.

That required uninstalling the Nuget Package Manager extension.


Now open a new ASP.Net C# Empty Web project

And here we finally go in VS2010 Tools, Library Package Manager, Package Manager Console:

PM> install-package Nancy.Hosting.Aspnet
Attempting to resolve dependency ‘Nancy (= 0.12.0)’.
Successfully installed ‘Nancy 0.12.0’.
Successfully installed ‘Nancy.Hosting.Aspnet 0.12.0’.
Successfully added ‘Nancy 0.12.0’ to NancyApp1.
Successfully added ‘Nancy.Hosting.Aspnet 0.12.0’ to NancyApp1.


It will update the web.config with Nancy stuff; add a using Nancy statement to your CS file.


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  1. Ted says:

    Has explanation of reasons for using micro web frameworks.

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