Thanks to John Papa for making me aware of this.  Via Visual Studio Magazine Sept 2012, p. 10.

Concerning my example that only seemed nice in IE10/Win8.

This helps explain site is a handy reference.  In this case it indicates that the other browsers needed my code to have certain prefixes in order for this to actually show multi columns properly.

So this is akin to the purpose of Modernizr, as I gather, only different.

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Version Control systems

Rise of GIT  (DDJ article)

What I have recently tried:  Microsoft’s Team Foundation Service (cloud-based, only preview at this time)  -was easy to try via link built-in to VS2012.  Had to make an account –fine, just like a bazillion other accounts we’ve all had to make in recent years.  Anyway, seems elegant and easy.  In the initial 10 minutes (I’ll get back to it this weekend perhaps), I created a project and team of one.  Then I assigned a task to myself.  I did not actually notice how one uploads source code into it yet though!  I recall a confusing aspect whereby you were indicated to prepare your dev tool for it, perhaps a VSIX extension.. which seemed odd given that it had a link in VS2012 already.   More later…  (so far very good impression though).

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RFC2426, vCard, microformats

Stumbled upon this

hCard 1.0

Google -microformats

Advanced topic

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The first website was responsive

Style Tiles

Jeremy Keith on Responsive Web Design

Mobile first, content first, layout is an enhancement that comes later

Design from content outwards, instead of from canvas inwards.   March Boulton, A Richer Canvas

The first web page – was responsive  The first website

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VS 2012 not perfect -aww

I did not know this. (said like Johnny Carson, with all the associated facial expression)

The ‘side-moral’ is .. well this is a good reminder to use the code analysis tools.. we used to add Compuware Devpartner to our Visual Studio but it seemed there was rarely enough time in the day to actually use it.  Although it was invaluable to diagnosing issues and performance of my most sophisticated OO/multi-threaded/multi-timered/multi-stream program..

Also, from same article SRP –Single Responsibility principle.  Which sounds similar to separation of concerns.  But SRP is specifically:  ‘every class should have a single responsibility’.  Good common sense.  Thinking ahead to maintenance phase where one wants nice isolated changes to minimize ‘side-impact’/collateral-damage.

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Mind maps

This just in related to my earlier post on the matter:

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IIS, Lemoon or any other site to publish

What we learned today – need to have a Windows Server. 

To go beyond running locally in IIS ‘express’.  But for that, you need Windows Management Service.  Which is part of.. well here’s my local change log db entry:

Errors indicate you need to install Web Deploy and Web Management Service first.
1. Start IIS mgmt console and say yes to Web Platform Installer
2. That’s wrong as it just goes to the link for WPI itself
3. Just go to Start and type Web Pla  and run WPI that you already have
4. It shows that I already have Web Deploy 3.0 installed.
5. Win-R, appwiz.cpl, check various features… I added WebDAV
6. Note that as per
I need to somehow run the Wizard for the existing Web Deploy 3 (doomed to fail..)
8.  The handler is integrated with the Web Management Service (WMSVC) that ships with IIS 7.0 on Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7.5 on Windows 2008 R2.

In a previous life I had Sharepoint, SQL and Windows Server.  When I needed to have a Domain Controller for WSS.. that was the end… oh and due to no more MSDN subscription.

Next step – free up a computer for Windows Server 2008 and add IIS and Web Management Service features.  Of course there will be the requirement fo

cute.. baby powered-off the computer… but fantastic Windows 8 has brought me back to exactly where I was.. how did it do that?

where was I.. oh yes.. requirement for different port, hence domain forwarder config changes and local server and router firewall changes etc.

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