Windows 8–the best thing

My co-worker asked ‘what’s the best thing about it?’   I’ll try to put it into words.

  1. Looks and feels slick; nice to have something new after decade or two of the Windows UI
  2. Fast and responsive; cannot overstate that.  Snappy.  Nice.  The metaphor/paradigm of the desktop finally feels like what an OS UI should be.. app oriented (yes, like smartphones and tablets) … almost achieving that Taligent / Next  ideal of de-coupling user from knowing there is an underlying file system.
  3. Has the common app ‘Install update’ I’ve come to expect using Apple and Android tablets and phones.  Somehow most of the apps I use are short and sweet single-purpose.  News, Photos, Calendar, Skype, Media Center… just click the big icon (smart tile) and I’m instantly in the app.   (Windows RT)
  4. Fallback to old ways is easy.. click Desktop and voila. 
  5. Learning curve was very very short.  The minimalist design works –incredible for someone like myself that normally likes a zillion features.
  6. IE10 and VS2012.. nicely allowing me to keep up my developer skills with latest HTML5 / CSS3 support.   VS2012 is awesome –multi-monitor support to name one feature.
  7. People app gives me quick view into all my contacts and follows/follwers.. may just take over as my favourite Twitter client.



  1. Can’t (yet) change Sources for News –I want to eliminate Sports sources for example.
  2. Had to add Windows Media Center manually.. easy, but expected it to be seamlessly built-in –you know: Convergence.. whatever happened to that…

that’s all for now….


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