Windows 8 my weekend! (in a good way)

PC 1: Upgraded Vista to Windows 8 ($39) .  Smooth, apart from minor annoyance of having to re-install applications like Office 2010.  And the small matter of convincing user who is initially resistant to change.

PC 2: Win 8 RTM continuing to operate normally, added Windows Media Center (free til January).  The ordering process was disturbing –press Submit and get no response to the button press whatsoever.    Tried again throughout the day.   At one point an email arrived saying ‘welcome to Windows 8’ rather than the expected WMC product key.   Eventually the site indicated it may take 24 hours.   It all worked out by the next day –Media Center even found the old Win7 WMC config and migrated it forward –apart from the need to re-configure the remote.

PC 3: The Win 8 CTP that I had thought to have had a hard drive failure came back to life.  The Windows Store no longer operates as indicated by ‘this version doesn’t support…’  messages.  The initial compatibility check not sure if my system has NX bit on (AMD) or XD bit (Intel).. but willing to try and restart.  I restarted manually and set what might be that bit – sure enough the next compatibility check was happy.   So we’ll read a bit more and see if migration from CTP to Prod release has any other gotchas – the install is indicating that it will not be able to keep anything from my current installation..

Exciting!  Change is good.  I think it’s been very well thought out by Microsoft.


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